The Anonymous Game Developers at AGDI highly recommend, if you are interested in playing, reading about, or creating your own adventure games, that you check out the following links.

Adventure Gamers
An excellent website, frequently updated with adventure gaming related news and reviews.


Just Adventure +
This is a great website, dedicated to adventure games, full of reviews, cheats, stories, and everything else imaginable. The articles usually have quite a bit of humor in them, and are a joy to read. We highly recommend that anybody interested in the adventure gaming genre check this site out. They have been a huge help to our project since the beginning, supporting us and bringing our games into the public eye.


Sierra Gamers
Sierra Gamers is one of the most comprehensive 'Sierra-related' sites on the net! It contains many interesting archives, images, and news items on the past Sierra On-Line games. It is currently run by none other than Ken Williams himself.

Sierra Entertainment
Sierra Entertainment’s site.

Activision's site.

Eriq Chang Studio
Learn more about Eriq, AGDI promotional artist and designer.

John Bell's Shameless Self-Promotional Website

Visit the website of the hilariously entertaining John Bell, the narrator of our King's Quest remakes. His excellent podcast "Bells in the Batfry" will keep you laughing and coming back for more. Be sure to subscribe!