The following are AGDI's core staff. Additional team members contribute to individual games, and you can find them listed on our credits page, where we also acknowledge those who deserve special thanks.

Senior Staff/Project Coordinators:
Britney Brimhall
Christopher Warren

Plot Writer:
Daniel Stacey

John Paul Selwood
Emily Selwood
Eriq Chang
Johan Botes
Anthony Hahn
Michael Freeman
Jack Schaedler

Christopher Warren
Stijn Van Empel
Adam Senn

Tom and Dianne Lewandowski of Quest Studios

Promotional Art & Design Director:
Eriq Chang

AGS Engine:
Chris Jones

AGDI Logo Movie:
Brandon Klassen
Adam Alim

Online Community Directors:
Stijn Van Empel & Sean Nichols

Online Community Moderators:
Adeyke & Angelus3K